Words of encouragement 2

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Our freedom through Jesus Christ in our relation with God!

My beloved daughter, your laugh and your vitality makes you an example for
many, and makes Me proud of you. It seems that the sun always shines in your
life on earth, it seems that you cope with life on earth in an easy way that makes
some in your surroundings a bit jealous.
But, My beautiful daughter, I also know that sometimes the sun gets covered by
dark clouds, and sometimes it even rains in your heart. Although it’s not always
visible on the outside, I know that you also doubt sometimes, that you also feel
pain sometimes. And that you are also insecure and a still a little girl sometimes.
My beloved one, it’s not necessary to hide these emotions by laughing it away, or
by pretending that you can handle this yourself. No, it’s important that every
time when you got caught in these emotions you come to Me immediately,
regardless where you are or with whom you are. Come to Me and let Me be the
one that comforts you and sets you free.
Yes, My true child, I will liberate you at any time of the day and at any place on
I will set you free completely, I will strengthen you and I will fill you with all the
love you need so much. Love is the key in My kingdom, love is the key on earth,
love is the key for everything. Love makes you happy, love makes you strong
and love makes you proud of who you are. Love opens doors and hearts.
My beloved one, let Me be your guide to a life of prosper and love, of wisdom
and joy. Let Me be your compass to the right direction, we won’t make any left
or right turns anymore. We will go straight into the life I’ve planned for you.
Come to Me My child and let Me show you how this will be achieved, come to Me
and let Me tell what we will be doing, let Me dry your tears and make you cry out
how proud you are with yourself and how much you love Me and I love you.
Yes, My loved, how much I love you, and how proud I am of you, says Jesus!

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